Daily Constitutional

I normally work on my manuscript in the morning, after my coffee, shower, etc.  I have been writing longhand just for the artistic value and occasionally I will compose an illustration (pen and ink).  The muse seems better when I’m fresh and energetic with a little help from Starbucks.  Trying to keep this schedule makes it a whole lot easier to get the words flowing so I write in the morning, every morning and if what I produce is shite, well, I just edit that out.

During the body of the day i will try to accomplish all the other non-literary tasks that have piled up and weigh me down like an anchor.  Maintenance, be it house, car, major appliances, durable goods, or Microsoft products, is a perpetual albatross around my neck and if I did all that I should I wouldn’t have time for anything else.  Try to remember interesting anecdotes and vignettes as they occur to mine later for grit and realism.  Cook dinner and love your needs.  Recreate yourself if you have the time and means.

Before bedtime I will type, edit, and rewrite, yes rewrite my daily manuscript.  I am usually reading a book and depending on how good it is and how exhausted I am I will spend at least an hour each night enjoying the work of my favorite authors (Hemingway, tonight).


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