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Why is no one admitting laws on books since Carter?

It now appears the Left may have invented the Russian story from whole cloth and engineered the meetings and contacts to justify an elaborate surveillance offensive against the Trump campaign when HRC appeared to be losing.

Why did every talking head on TV news for the last three days assert that it was illegal for the president to wiretap an American citizen?  Judge Andrew Napolitano appeared on FOX and Friends Tuesday to debunk the rest of the world.  He stated that, since President Jimmy Carter, it was legal for the president to wiretap anyone, including American citizens, if he files with his Attorney General.



The reading of these posts seems slow, so much so that I feel a fire may be needed to spark some of these authors into producing something, anything that will entertain and captivate this audience.  So, in an effort to prime the pump I will magnanimously throw out a subject for their perusal, just to get the juices flowing, so to speak, or write as the case may be.

Can we subsist on a Windows 8 PC or must we revert back to Windows 7, as have I, or should we just bite the bullet and spend all extraneous capital on an Apple?  I am using a new HP Notebook PC with Windows 7 that I had to search long and hard to purchase amidst a sea of Windows 8.  What are the thoughts out there and related experiences?

Can These People be Saved?

What a relaxing day!  Football, baseball, and NASCAR pervade my television so much so that deciding what to watch is a game unto itself.  Mariano Rivera honored today at Yankee Stadium.  Rivera, retiring at the end of this season, holds the MLB record for most saves, lifetime.  He is without a doubt a first ballot Hall of Famer and a rare beacon of integrity in a sport marred by the scandal of steroid abuse.

Well, I feel I have said too much already and I have always opposed working on the Sabbath so I will sign off now and get back to supporting these poor professional athletes, God knows they are barely scraping by what with the high cost of air travel and prescription drugs.